Cheap “Save The Date” Magnets for Your Wedding!

Congratulations on your engagement! The next chapter of your life is about to begin. So now it’s time to inform your family and friends of the where and when.

Today, I’m going to share with you what to include on your “Save The Date” and what can wait. I’ll also let you know why Cheap “Save The Date” Magnets could be the best option and offer five other suggestions.

Why Save The Date?

According to, the average number of wedding guests in 2018 was just over 130. Chances are, some guests will be traveling to attend the wedding.

Guests who are traveling may need time to save up or request time off from work, so that they can attend and celebrate the wedding with you.

As a common courtesy, save the dates should be sent out at least 6 months before the wedding day. Many times, everyone on the guest list will receive one. However, this isn’t always necessary. Guests traveling at least four or more hours should receive a save the date.

Save The Date vs Formal Wedding Invitations

Save the dates should not be confused with a formal wedding invitation and are usually sent out shortly after securing a wedding location and date.

Sometimes, a couple may not have their wedding venue secured, but will know the date and city. As long as you have this information you can send the save the dates.

There’s no need to worry about the exact details when you send out save the dates. This is the time to have fun and express yourself as a couple to your guests. The invites could match the wedding theme (if you know it) or they can be something fun a unique.

Save the dates let guest know:

  1. They are invited
  2. The general location of the wedding
  3. The wedding date.

Cheap Save The Date Magnet Pros and Cons

I love magnets! So, I may be a bit biased when it comes to save the date magnets. Being a wedding officiant means that even though I’m a part of the wedding I still receive save the dates and formal invitations from couple’s I officiate for.

Over the years, I have received all kinds of save the dates. The love them all but the ones I remember the most are the magnets. Here are the Pros and Cons:


  1. They are practical and multi functional.
  2. They are completely customizable
  3. It’s hard to forget something if it is displayed on a fridge!
  4. No additional postage is required*
    1. If you choose a thin magnet and the shape is the same size or smaller than a standard envelope you won’t need to pay extra for postage.
  5. It won’t get lost in emails, piles of paper, or which social media post?!
  6. You can DIY them or purchase them (about $145 for 200 purchased)
  7. In the coming years guests can reflect back and remember the joyous wedding day


  1. You have to pay postage to send them out (this applies to any save the date that is not digital).

How to DIY Your Save The Dates

Since magnets are completely customizable, you choose what the invitations will look like. Below are the following steps to DIY your own save the date.

  1. Decide on the shape you want.
  2. Purchase printable or adhesive magnets. (Sheets or pre-cut)
  3. Design your save the date and print them out
    1. Print a trial page on printing paper when printing multiple invites on one sheet. Doing so will show if any adjustments need to be made and if everything is printed clearly.
  4. Depending on which type of magnet you purchased. You will CHOOSE ONE of the following;
    1. Cut out the printed invite shapes and place them on the pre-cut adhesive magnets
    2. Place the printed sheet on top of the adhesive magnet and then cut out the invite shape
    3. Cut out the invite shape on the printed magnet sheet
  5. Put your Save The Dates in the envelopes and send them to your guests

If you are comfortable with a computer and printer you can create the design and make your save the dates in a few hours or less. Best of all the cost to make these DIY pre wedding invites is pretty cheap, about 51 cents per invite.

Different Types of Save The Dates

Make your save the date stand out by being multi functional! Here are 5 fun and creative options. Note: the first three options can also be used with magnets.

  1. Word Search
    1. Give your guests a fun game to play!
    2. To make this a magnet, simply adhere the printed invite to a magnet.
  2. Seed Packets
    1. Print on the front of the envelope and place a few of your favorite fruit, vegetable or flower seeds inside. Ask your guests to share photos of their success or bring the flowers to use at the wedding. If you choose this last option, always plan to have back up flowers.
    2. To make this a magnet, simply adhere the back of the envelope to a magnet.
  3. Couple Photo / postcard
    1. Adhere your save the date photo to a magnet so it won’t get lost
  4. Ornament
    1. Great option for a winter or holiday wedding and will be remembered year after year
  5. Email/ Social Media
    1. The most impersonal option, but is free and customizable.

Time to Save The Date!

Now you know the in’s and out’s of what to include on your save the date and why magnets may be your best option. I hope this post was able to answer questions you have when deciding on pre-wedding invites.

If magnets are not your ideal option there are many other choices that can make a lasting impression with guests. Remember, save the dates create an opportunity to show who you are as a couple in a fun and unique way.

I would love to hear your comments and to answer any questions you have.




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