Best Wedding Rings under $200

“You make me want to say I DO, I DO, I DO….”

After you see these amazing wedding rings you too will agree with Colbie Cailat and want to say “I Do!”

Gold, platinum and silver are considered precious metals, and have been a popular wedding ring choice for hundreds of years. However, these metals are not your only options when it comes to finding the best wedding ring (and may not be the best option).

Below is a list of the pros and cons for these precious metals and 5 popular alternative metals. By the time you have finished reading this article you will be able to make an informed decision when searching for and finding the best wedding ring.

Precious Metals (Gold, Platinum and Silver)

I must admit that there is something about having a piece of jewelry that is made from a precious metal. After all they are rare and hard-to-find. But it maybe better to have precious metal jewelry in the form of earrings or a bracelet than as a wedding ring. Here’s why…


  • They are rare, which means that they are more valuable than other metals
  • They have a higher luster than other metals
  • They are not as heavy as other metals (Platinum being an exception)


  • They are soft metals and will scratch easily and may not hold diamonds or stones well
  • Because they are soft the shape may change over time
  • Not 100% pure. Because a precious metal is soft it must be mixed with other metals to make it strong enough to form a ring. Example; a 14k gold ring is less than 60% gold
  • Not Hypoallergenic, the precious metal themselves are hypoallergenic. However, the metals they are mixed with are allergenic. If you choose one of these types of rings make sure to ask what type of metals they are mixed with.
  • Silver will tarnish and corrode, and white gold will fade.
  • They are expensive (silver being an exception), because they are rare, precious metals are more expensive than other metals. Price point for one of these rings starts about $200 for Gold $500 for Platinum and $40 for Silver (price is for a plain metal band only).


Cobalt, in my opinion, is the perfect alternative to a white gold or platinum ring. It is hard and tough, yet shiny and pure.


  • Cobalt is extremely scratch, chip and corrosion-resistant
  • It is highly reflective and can be mistaken as white gold or platinum.
  • It is one of the toughest metals, 7 times stronger than platinum.
  • It is more hypoallergenic than other hypoallergenic metals
  • It will last longer and wear better than gold or platinum and will cost a fraction of the price
  • The color is natural and will not fade
  • Unlike other hard metal rings, cobalt can be resized
  • Price point for one of these rings starts at about $30


  • It is harder to find rings made from cobalt for females than it is for males
  • Cobalt’s hard metal can be an issue if you injure yourself. It may need to be cut off.
  • If your ring has a lot of detail or inlays in it you may not be able to resize it
  • Some jewelers make cobalt rings with nickel alloy which is not hypoallergenic. So be sure you are purchasing a quality ring without the nickel alloy.


Ahh.. the Tungsten aka Tungsten Carbide
is another great choice. What differentiates Tungsten from other metals is its weight and resistance to scratches.


  • It ranks the highest when it comes to being scratch resistant (gold, platinum, and silver are the easiest to scratch)
  • Tungsten is also Hypoallergenic and will never tarnish
  • This type of ring has about the same amount of weight as a gold or platinum ring
  • Tungsten is tougher than precious metals
  • Price point for one of these rings starts at about $50


  • Hard yet brittle metal that can break instead of bend under pressure, I really think this is a pro and con. If a finger gets smashed, this metal will take the blunt force instead of the finger and then it will break. A precious metal will bend and smash into the finger.
  • This type of ring cannot be resized so make sure you know the correct size before making your purchase. Some jewelers may be off by as much as ½ of a ring size so verify with the size with the jeweler before making a purchase.
  • Some jewelers make Tungsten rings with nickel alloy which is not hypoallergenic. Be sure you are purchasing a quality ring without the nickel alloy.


This type of metal ring is a very popular choice that is loaded with benefits.


  • Scratch resistant
  • Titanium is Hypoallergenic
  • Naturally silver/ white in color
  • Titanium ring is relatively lightweight
  • Titanium is hard and strong so it will not crack or bend
  • Resistant to corrosion and chlorine
  • Price point for one of these rings starts at about $50


  • Titanium’s hard metal can be an issue if you injure yourself. It may need to be cut off.
  • If your ring has a lot of detail or inlays it you may not be able to resize it


If you are looking for something unique, a ceramic  wedding ring is perfect as it is the most color diverse option.


  • Extremely scratch resistant
  • Hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant
  • Can come in almost any color
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Extremely hard like Tungsten
  • Price point for one of these rings starts at about $30


  • Like Tungsten, Ceramic can chip
  • In an emergency it will need to be shattered by applying pressure instead of being cut.
  • Cannot be resized

Stainless Steel

Not just used for flat wear… these rings may surprise you on how beautiful they can be.


  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Low maintenance and hypoallergenic
  • Can be resized
  • Price point for one of these rings starts at about $30


  • Costly to resize

Hazards of Wearing a Ring

There are a few things that I want to point out/ clarify before purchasing a wedding ring.

I mentioned about rings and emergencies. This isn’t the greatest topic but can be a real issue for anyone, especially a person that has a physically demanding job. Normally, if a person has a physically demanding job they are not allowed to wear jewelry because it is a potential safety risk.

Worst case scenario, if someone were to injure their hand and they were wearing a ring the person could lose their finger. This is where alternative metal rings come in to save the day. Most of them are very hard. Meaning that if there is impact they will not bend.

The metal will absorb the impact and then only after the impact they will or won’t crack. The metal rings that would crack would be ruined BUT that part of the finger should be safe. Because alternative metal rings are so affordable it shouldn’t be an issue purchasing another one.

On the other hand (no pun intended), if a person is wearing a ring made from a precious metal and there is impact the ring will bend and potentially crush the finger. The worst thing a person can do if the ring is crushed on the finger is to try to take it off or to unbend it. The best course of action no matter what kind of ring is to call 911 or your countries emergency services right away.

“If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put A Ring On It…”


Back to the good stuff! You have found your “One and Only” now you can find the right ring for the right person.

Purchasing a wedding ring made from an alternative metal is a great option for everyone! They are beautiful, cost effective and have so many benefits. I purchased my wife a ceramic ring with our birthstone embedded in it. She consistently gets complements on it.

After reading this and you still want to purchase a ring made from a precious metal that is ok too. There is more maintenance and cost associated with them but they have been a popular and classic choice for hundreds of years.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I would love to share your comments and am always glad to answer questions too!




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