Best Lesbian Wedding Photos and Poses for Your Big Day!

Oh the L word. Ok, I loved the show, but seriously, being an engaged lesbian made me very cautious when planning my wedding. My wife and I actually had a conversation about “Who takes lesbian wedding photos?” Then we talked about the types of photos we were going to take. Are they really different from any other couple getting married?

Well in this post I will walk you through what a lesbian wedding day is like in regard to photos.

“Express Yourself!”

A wedding photographer can arrive as much as 8 hours before the ceremony begins. They capture

the memories that you see and those that you don’t. The first photo’s will be of you and your soon to be wife preparing for the day.

Once you are dressed for your wedding ceremony your individual photo shoot’s will begin.

Charles Wright knew exactly what he was talking about when he recorded the song “Express Yourself!” This is one of the biggest events in your life. You have accomplished so much, gone through so many things and are now about to commit the rest of your life to your one and only “ride or die” chick.

Go on and strike a pose, do a shoulder bounce, dab or moon walk your way though your, self photos. You’ve earned it!


Let Your Entourage Bring the Funk!

I love seeing lesbian wedding photos that have a wedding party.

Once you’re done feeling yourself with your individual photo shoot let your wedding party pump you up even more. We don’t all get a chance to have others show up and show out to support us. So, for those of you who do, go all out.

This is a perfect time to capture moments doing something you love to do with those who love and support you. It maybe a toast, playing a card game, shooting hoops, playing with your fur family or just hanging out and sharing a few laughs. The options are endless and you will cherish these memories and photo’s forever.

I officiated a lesbian wedding a few months ago where one of the brides liked to skydive. Her and her crew showed up at an indoor skydiving place for the photo shoot (that was pretty cool).

My wedding party included all of our nieces and nephews. We are proud to be the “favorite” aunts
on both sides of the family and the photos were fun to take. However, getting 10 children to cooperate was a challenge to say the least.

Another great way to include your wedding party in photos is to have them dance or strike a pose when the ceremony begins. Since our nieces and nephews were our wedding party we played the song “Happy” while they danced down the isle. Although my wife and I didn’t get to see them dance our photographer was able to catch every moment.

Time to Say “I DO!”

This is what your day is all about! If you have a good photographer they will be all up in your face during the ceremony without you even knowing. I never realized how fast a photographer moved and how much they moved until I started officiating weddings. Talk about a true crouching tiger hidden dragon!

Our photographer was amazing and I didn’t even realize how great she was until after my wedding because the only person that mattered once I started walking down the isle was my future wife.

Your ceremony is the time to shift your focus from yourself and on to your soon to be Mrs. The thought of photos should not even come to mind because you will be living, being and experiencing this life changing moment. The photos that will come from your ceremony will be some of the most perfect, raw and loving moments you will get that day.

The caress of a hand, wiping a tear from your future wife’s face, a kiss on the hand, or the nervous laugh because “I can’t believe she put that in her vows,” are the once in a lifetime photo’s that you don’t want to miss or forget.

Just the Two of Us!

It’s official! You are now “spouses for life!” Everything pre wedding is over, you are officially one and experiencing the most amazing feelings of joy and happiness.

Another great part is, all of those photos that were taken of you and your wedding party before the ceremony can now be taken together. But don’t start grabbing everyone who undoubtedly wants to celebrate this union with both of you just yet. Instead, grab your photographer and the three of you run off so the two of you can cherish this moment.

These next 10 – 15 minutes are everything! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they just do. Find somewhere to sit next to each other, take a deep breath, smile and say “Hey Wifey!” “We did it!” “You are the most beautiful woman in the world!” “That ring looks amazing on you!” “Can my 1st hug as a wife be from you?!”

As the complements and words of affection start to sink in the physical movements will start to naturally flow. Once again you will forget that your photographer is there but will be grateful for every moment that is forever captured in your photos.

Once you are ready to head back to the party share an embrace, hold hands as you walk, jump for joy or have the wedding party “crash” the photo shoot. These are great moments to capture and celebrate the next chapter in your life.

Happily Ever After…

I may be a bit bias, but in my option, lesbian wedding photos are the best! However, anyone who reads this article regardless of their identity can use these steps to capture the most memorable and cherished moments of their wedding day.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I want to thank my wonderful wife for indulging me and letting me share a bit of our day with you through our photos. As always I love receiving feedback, comments, questions, and personal experiences. Feel free to do so below and I will be sure to reply.


6 thoughts on “Best Lesbian Wedding Photos and Poses for Your Big Day!

  1. Great advice in this article! It is so important to capture all the sentimental moments of a wedding. Kiss on the hand, tear on a cheek..all great stuff.
    As you pointed out, as the brides, you do not get to witness all the wonderful wedding moments. It is so important to see these, even if only through pictures after the fact. You will have these memories for the rest of your life when they are photographed.
    Also, incorporating something, like sky diving, you are passionate about, is really creative.

    Thanks for some wonderful ideas. I will need to find a photographer that understands the importance of catching these type of photos.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed the post. When searching for a wedding photographer I would ask them what their process is for the wedding day. I would also tell them what the most important moments are for you that you want captured.


  2. Hi Steph, Your post was beautiful as it showed the love shared between you as a couple and also the fun that was engendered by getting all your nieces and nephews involved. Surrounded by people who love you. It must have been a very special occasion and you have lovely photos to remind you of this wonderful time.
    May I wish you every blessing and all happiness.

    1. Hi Jill!

      Thank you for you comment and the good wishes. Every wedding ceremony should be cherished and captured in the moments that matter the most.


  3. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about photos for lesbian wedding and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


    1. Hi Ali,

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post and that it was able to answer questions for you.


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